So put yourself in a place that you have to send individual e-mails with an pdf attachment, but every pdf is different, because it’s customized for each person. So python has an easy way to solve this, and will make your life a lot easier.

Searching ways to solve the problem I was facing, I did find out many ways to send e-mails with python, the logic is the same for every code, but this one guy explained really good so his name is Corey and you can follow his youtube channel:

(50) Corey Schafer — YouTube

Before we learn…

My first contact with pdf’s and python when my dad asked me if there was an easy way to pick a table in pdf, and put into excel, with the objective to make it easier to manipulate data, although it was a simple task of doing “ctrl-c” and “ctrl-v” in excel, I found it interesting the possibility of working with python and pdf, but didn’t start any project.

Time passed and as a member of my university finance club, something interesting come to surface, we were having trouble with our course books that we lecture each semester, the task was…

My interest in finance started in the second half of 2019. I was talking with a friend, and he was telling me about financial markets, and talking how people could make money from that, since then I started my own study, buying books, watching big hedge fund managers talking on youtube or tv, and watching Damodaran online course available on youtube and in his own site.(The link for his website is inside this story)

I actually created a twitter to follow some finance guys, on what we call ‘fintwit’ (it’s a lot of people putting their opinions and sometimes explaining…

Gabriel Pereira

I’m a civil engineering student. Finance, python, valuation, is what I like most

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